Everyone Has a Work Christmas Party Story… What’s Yours?

One out of every 10 people has an embarrassing Christmas story from work parties—here’s mine. In the U.K. it’s all about Christmas parties: drinking, eating, drinking, socialising, drinking, best dance moves, and drinking a little more. I remember my first ever Christmas work party. My company at the time hired out the Connaught Rooms, London, for all 200 people. beautiful dinner followed by a party while free drinks flowing the entire night. There was no stopping my fellow first year colleagues and I with the shots, especially having come straight from Uni; tequila, followed by vodka, washed down with a Jägerbomb, followed by a round of sambuca, washing them down with whiskey and coke. I’m totally drunk so instead of staying around and making a fool of myself I make an executive decision to go home. I got home and collapse on my bed.

That night I had the most intense dream about how I was talking to my boss at the Christmas party and he just coming out with line after line of compliments: “Josh, you’re doing such an amazing job … Josh, you’ve really hit the ground running … Josh, keep up the good work and you’ll be taking my job in no time”. Next thing you know he takes out his handkerchief (Hanky to the Yanks) and I’m questioning why. He’s says, “You’re crying,” I reply I’m not—why would I cry to my boss? I’m thinking this is a strange dream. I run out of the party, sit in a bus stop and fall asleep. I miss the busses and wake up a few later and then get a taxi home. Waking up I think about the crazy dream. I realize I still have my clothes on from the night before so I before I get changed I empty my pockets to check I have my phone and wallet and what do I find … only my boss’s handkerchief!


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