Scaling Sales for Acquisition

On this page, you can find two distinct sales case studies that played pivotal roles in helping drive these companies through to exit via acquisition. These sales case studies, are part of my proven GTM playbook and gives an insight into the sales strategy and results that yield from such efforts.

MarTech Start-Up Sales Case Study

Here I defined and executed a successful go-to-market (GTM) strategy for a MarTech SaaS Start-up who were looking to scale their sales activity and team globally. The execution included an inbound marketing plan, sales KPIs and identified the best ‘market fit’ opportunities. 

I built and scaled their sales team from two to eleven, and established markets across the world, from Germany, to South Korea to the US and beyond.  I launched the company’s SaaS solution, and established major global clients such as Amazon, Apple and BskyB.  Crucially, in a year I led an increase in MMR from half a million dollars, to two million dollars.

The start-up went on to got acquired and became the mobile tech arm of Germany’s #1 independent media conglomerate with over 1,200 employees spread across 12 organisations.)

Series A Scaling Sales Case Study

As the American company’s first commercial hire for EMEA, I played an individual contributor role for 2 years before building and leading a lean sales team across Europe. I saw the company grow from less than 100 employees and played my part in its hyper-growth phase to see us rise to over 500. In achieving this, I increased the company’s EMEA ARR to more than $12 million all within 3 years.

The success in Europe, played a pivotal role in the acquisition of the company.

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