My specialization is primarily in the Tech and B2B SaaS industries. With nearly two decades of experience, I’ve gained deep industry knowledge and hands-on work in these sectors.

I work with a variety of company sizes, from startups embarking on their growth journey to scale-ups maneuvering the complexities of accelerated growth, and established companies exploring new markets.

Absolutely! I understand that every business is unique, with its own set of challenges and opportunities. That’s why I offer adaptive and customized growth strategies designed to address your specific needs and objectives.

With a deep understanding of the global business landscape, I guide businesses through the complexities of international expansion. Whether you’re a US business venturing into European markets or a European company aiming for global expansion, I provide the hands-on support necessary for a smooth transition.

I am not just a consultant—I’m a partner. I bring nearly two decades of industry experience, a hands-on approach, and a commitment to operational excellence and profitable growth. I work alongside your team to fully understand your business and drive real-time growth and operational efficiency.

Beyond just revenue, success for me is about finding the right product-market fit for your business, building influential relationships, and shaping your platform for the global stage.

Starting to work with me is as simple as reaching out through my contact page. We can schedule a time to talk more about your business, its challenges, and how we can work together to drive growth and success.

Once we begin, I dive deep to fully understand your business. I then formulate an adaptive and customized strategy designed to address your specific needs and objectives. We execute together, with me providing hands-on support every step of the way to drive real-time growth and operational efficiency.

Absolutely. You can view testimonials from satisfied clients on my website. These endorsements speak to the dedication and expertise I bring to each client and project.

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