About Me

As a highly skilled and experienced sales leader

With nearly 20 years in sales and business development, I’ve honed my expertise in the SaaS and tech industry, helping numerous startups and scale-ups achieve growth and success.

My secret lies in a hands-on approach to client customization and commercial sales leadership, which has led to several profitable company exits.

Joshua Swerdlow

In the current era, I believe that sales is a multifaceted discipline requiring a strategic blend of outbound sales, inbound marketing, strategic partnerships, and customer success. I flip the script on the traditional sales strategy, focusing on finding the right customers right off the bat, rather than sifting through a multitude of prospects. This targeted approach, combined with a lean, efficient workforce, increases success rates and resource efficiency.

In essence, I don’t just put people to work; I empower them, equipping them with the tools they need to perform as effectively as a larger team. By fully immersing myself in your business and understanding your unique needs, I aim to create a tailored growth strategy that accelerates your progress and boosts your revenue. Let’s navigate the complex journey of business scaling together, transforming your business aspirations into reality and boosting your EBITA!

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