eMobility glossary

eMobility Terminology: A Comprehensive List of Keywords and Definitions

to provide a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in eMobility to learn about the various terms and concepts that are used in the industry. Whether you are a founder or CEO of a startup or scaleup, a SaaS or tech company, or simply someone who is interested in electric vehicles and sustainable transportation, this glossary has something for you.

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Sustainability in EV Battery Production: The Pros and Cons of Deep-Sea Mining

As demand for electric vehicle (EV) batteries grows, the search for new sources of the minerals used in their production, such as cobalt, nickel, and manganese, has led to the exploration of deep-sea mining. While this practice has the potential to provide a new source of these crucial minerals, it also poses significant risks to the environment and marine ecosystems. In this article, we examine both the potential benefits and the potential downsides of deep-sea mining for EV battery production.

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