Your VP Business Development/Sales

Accomplished sales and business development executive with strong track record of accelerating revenue growth at tech and SaaS firms. Very skilled in building out commercial sales, business development strategies and teams to introduce new concepts to markets. Excellent track record in hiring, training and motivating sales teams (to become A-players/teams), and working to develop effective multi-channel sales distribution.

More Sales, More Revenue, More Growth.

Your VP Business Development/Sales/Revenue Officer…

As an experienced revenue driver, my winning playbook will help you grow your business.

As a VP Sales and/or your revenue-focused leader, you get access to over 15 years of experience of in delivering revenue growth through a combination of proven sales, business development initiatives, modern marketing, and sales enablement techniques.

Different Start-Up Stages Require Diverse Strategies

Building different strategies depending on where your business is in terms of product/service lifecycle and executing the right Go-To-Market Strategy to close your first sales to find product/Market Fit (P/M Fit) or to expand into new markets/verticals. Then, once you’re ready to bring everything in-house, you get help to find, build and train out your ideal sales team to perform to their best abilities. As your outsourced and interim VP Sales/Revenue Officer, my focus is to deliver growth and revenue.

Establish a Market leadership position that helps drive revenue growth

I help clients grow their share of an existing market and sustain a leadership position against new competitors, enter new global markets or create new market categories.

Go-To-Market Strategy

International/New-Market Expansion

Building and Scaling Sales/BD Teams

Increased Sales Pipeline

Improved Pipeline Efficiency

New Sales Methodologies