The Strength Of A Business Lies In Its Ability To Evolve


Incremental Growth

Looking to make small improvements or upgrades to your company’s existing products, services, processes or methods. These changes individually might be small, although together will have a larger impact on improving your existing efficiencies, productivity and competitive differentiation, leading to anything up to 30% growth and revenue increases.

Disruptive Growth

Launching in a new market or building key strategic relationships can be difficult. With over 15 years international and strategic growth experience that can be put to good use helping you to expand into a new market and drive net new revenue. Europe to the United State (US), or the United States to Europe. Understanding the cultural buying behaviour while taking a startup approach is some of the key aspects needed to expand abroad.

Sales Expansion

There are many parts to building a successful sales team. You need to hire right, put the right procedures into place to make your team successful, provide your sales team with the proper business development/marketing support etc. I can work with you to hire, build and equipped your sales team with all they require to become the champion sales team.

Sales Coaching & Enablement

Working with your sales reps to provide them with the information, content, and tools that help them sell more effectively and close more deals. From formulating cold emails, followup or analysing their pipeline to understand what areas might be holding them back from really excelling and overachieving on their goals and objectives.

Case Studies

Mobile Tech Start-up

Here I defined and executed a successful GTM strategy, including an inbound marketing plan, sales KPIs and identified the best ‘market fit’ opportunities.  I built a sales team from two to eleven, and established markets across the world, from Germany, to South Korea to the US and beyond.  I launched the company’s SaaS solution, and established major global clients such as Amazon, Apple and BskyB.  Crucially, in a year I led an increase in MMR from half a million dollars, to two million dollars.

(The start-up eventually got acquired and became the mobile tech arm of Germany’s #1 independent media conglomerate with over 1,200 employees spread across 12 organisations.)

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Mobile Measurement SaaS Solution

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Here, I headed a leading mobile measurement company’s SaaS product into Europe, Africa and Australia, building a sales team across Europe,  In achieving this, I increased the company’s ARR to more than $10 million, which represented an ARR increase of more than 30%, year on year.

I specialise in executing and growing global teams (I have been head quartered in San Francisco as well as London and Tel Aviv), and use this expertise to build teams (the greatest resource any business holds) which in turn drive growth.  My track record sees a typical tripling of revenue for businesses with whom I have worked.

Finally, If you allow me to become your business’s advisor, you get a professional who believes in the possibility – probability – of achieving the outstanding, while being driven by the fear of only achieving the ordinary.

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My company was looking for a quick and swift deal with one of the world’s leading tracking tools for networks, and Josh made the decision to go with Hasoffers by TUNE very easy. Excellent and most importantly to-the-point was his sales pitch – and we haven’t looked back since 🙂

Mortem, MD, Salestring – disruptive growth client

Joshua is one of the best professionals with whom I had the opportunity to do business with. He was able not only to sell the benefits of his services to my company, but also build a strong partnership between the two companies. A truly inspiring professional.

Luis, Founder, Shareholder, CEO- incremental growth client.

Let’s build something great together.