• Business and Management Honours Degree from Leeds Metropolitan University.

Practical Experience:

  • After university, ten years working in sales in London for both SaaS companies and B2B tech start-ups. My focus here was driving these businesses forwards through increasing their sales, assisting revenue growth, and all-around business development.
    • Building and executing go-to-market strategies.
    • Increasing and sustaining ARR.
    • Organizing owned events globally and speaking at leading industry events,
  • I have headed up Europe, APAC, and North American branches and teams of major tech company, driving growth upwards.
  • Led SaaS products to establish footholds across continents.
  • Am a leading sales performer.
  • I have built and led teams.
  • Quadrupled MMR in one year turning the company into a multimillion-dollar institution.
  • During these years, I was inspired by Google’s acquisition of Waze for a billion dollars and set out to Tel Aviv to help another Israeli business seeking to tread a similar path.

Turning Philosophy into Reality:

It is people that make profits.  The smartest business leaders hire staff smarter than themselves, and then inspire them to fulfill their potential.  Following this belief, I have built, scaled, optimised and stabilised numerous business development and sales teams for both EMEA and the North American markets. Behind these successes has been my ability to help my clients’ businesses evolve.  Standing still equates to moving backward in today’s rapidly changing world.

With my knowledge of global markets, I can help businesses spot opportunities for quick wins, and assist them in launching and selling their products.  Here, my experience of working with, and building, sales teams means I can assist a business to establish an effective team quickly, exploiting opportunities as they present themselves and building markets where few previously existed.

I can assist with the research phase of launching in a new sphere, putting a business in the strongest position to secure a solid foothold, ready to drive revenue in the short and long term.

Let’s back those claims up with some hard evidence:

Case Study One – Mobile Tech Start-up:

Here I defined and executed a successful GTM strategy, including an inbound marketing plan, sales KPIs and identified the best ‘market fit’ opportunities.  I built a sales team from two to eleven, and established markets across the world, from Germany, to South Korea to the US and beyond.  I launched the company’s SaaS solution, and established major global clients such as Amazon, Apple and BskyB.  Crucially, in a year I led an increase in MMR from half a million dollars, to two million dollars.

(The start-up eventually got acquired and became the mobile tech arm of Germany’s #1 independent media conglomerate with over 1,200 employees spread across 12 organisations.)

Case Study Two – Mobile Measurement SaaS Solution:

Here, I headed a leading mobile measurement company’s SaaS product into Europe, Africa and Australia, building a sales team across Europe,  In achieving this, I increased the company’s ARR to more than $10 million, which represented an ARR increase of more than 30%, year on year.

I specialise in executing and growing global teams (I have been head quartered in San Francisco as well as London and Tel Aviv), and use this expertise to build teams (the greatest resource any business holds) which in turn drive growth.  My track record sees a typical tripling of revenue for businesses with whom I have worked.

Finally, If you allow me to become your business’s advisor, you get a professional who believes in the possibility – probability – of achieving the outstanding, while being driven by the fear of only achieving the ordinary.